Master Your Weekly Routine

It seems as if the pandemic is coming to an end. Many people are vaccinated and the CDC recently relaxed some regulations. All of this sounds great but many people are also returning to work in the office again. Complete bummer!!!

After a year of working from home and not really needing a schedule, getting back in the routine of going in an office is giving me slight anxiety. The thought of not being able to empty my dishwasher during my lunch is horrifying and I know that I need to re-establish a routine in order for my life to run smoothly.

Here are 5 activities that you consider adding to your weekly routine:

As mundane as it is, cleaning should be one of the top two priorities of your weekly routine. You should set aside a day to “tidy up” throughout the week and one day to actual clean the bathrooms and vacuum and mop the floors (all things I hate to do). If you don’t set aside cleaning time, you will look up and realize that you’re living in a pigsty and nobody really has time for that!

This is the other top priority in your weekly schedule and something that I need to reincorporate in my schedule at least 5 days per week. Of course, talk with your physician about a specific workout plan for you but moving our bodies is a must. I current have a goal to lose a considerable amount of weight and with the hustle and bustle of work being added back into my daily life, it will be harder for me to set aside time… but I have to do it for myself!

Now I realize that some people may include laundry under cleaning but for me, laundry is in a league of its own. To be frank, I hate laundry days. The idea of washing and that dreaded folding clothes makes me roll my eyes. In my home, laundry has a day of its own! Currently that day is Wednesday. I try to wash every single article of clothing on that day and sadly I just fold when throughout the week as I get tired of looking at the piles.

Don’t forget to rest! Life (especially this last year) can be exhausting, and if you’re anything like me, we can be extra hard on ourselves. Actually scheduling time to rest can be a game changer. It’s a great time to watch your guilty pleasures on television and have your favorite drink of choice. It’s peach wine for me!

Lastly, remember to do something you love at least once a week, if not every day! I know for me, I can get so caught up in the grind that I forget to stop to breath and just enjoy my life! Within the last year, I have been trying to be more intentional about enjoying every little moment. You should try it, it’s highly recommended!

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Give Thanks
Take time each day to be thankful for life, even if you don’t consider it to be the best at the moment. Having a more positive outlook on life allows you to approach each situation with an optimistic mindset! You can show gratitude by starting a “give thanks jar” or just simply journal aspects of your life that bring you joy each day. Try it for a week and see if your life enhances.

Please let me know me what other must-have activities you have in your schedule in the comments below.

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