‘Becoming’ Documentary

Allow me to preface this review by saying, I haven’t read the ‘Becoming’ book as of yet. For whatever reason, when all the buzz surrounded it, I just wasn’t interested and said I would read it later. I recently had the opportunity to watch the documentary of former First Lady Michelle Obama’s book tour “Becoming” … Continue reading ‘Becoming’ Documentary

Quarantine Breakup

So, I realize that the title seems a bit dramatic but trust me, the story is less than such. The breakup story is so subpar that I prefer to not divulge in the nitty gritty details. I was technically in a relationship for the last month and a half. Things were progressively “improving” but nowhere … Continue reading Quarantine Breakup

I Lost 4 Pounds!

Before I can tell you why this is such great news, I must give you the short backstory: I gained 57 pounds over the past two years. Yes! You read the correctly, I gained a whole heap of weight around my stomach, back, arms and thighs! Prior to the weight crawling back to my chin, … Continue reading I Lost 4 Pounds!

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