I Lost 4 Pounds!

Before I can tell you why this is such great news, I must give you the short backstory:

I gained 57 pounds over the past two years.

Yes! You read the correctly, I gained a whole heap of weight around my stomach, back, arms and thighs! Prior to the weight crawling back to my chin, I had a personal trainer and lost the 56.6 pounds that is currently staring me in the face today.

How did this happen you ask?

I would like to say, “I don’t know” but that would be a complete lie. I stopped going to my trainer (I still love him but I have no regrets about leaving) and I started eating foods that I hadn’t consistently eaten in years like pizza, cereal, white bread and pies. Of course, it isn’t that plain and simple. There are other contributing factors such as bouts of depression and stress from work that can made my hormones all out of whack, but ultimately (for me) it was the lack of exercise and the increase in wrong foods.

Fast forward to today.

It is Thursday, May 21st and I am 4 pounds closer to my first goal weight! I am four pounds closer to fitting into my jeans from last year. I am four pounds closer to falling back in love with my body again!

Last week, I mentally prepared myself to eat well and exercise at least three times. I have not consistently worked out in over a year and a half and it is tough getting back into it, but I am thankful to have family (my sister) and friends (my colleague) to help me get back in the groove of things! I “hired” my sister to train/workout with me three days a week (M, T, Th) and work out with my colleague 1-2 days per week.

My first official ‘Day 1’ was Monday, May 11th. Before the date, I did a clean sweep through my pantry and cabinets. I finally threw away a box of pancakes that I should have left at the store, put the boxes of cereal in the trash and got rid of any thing that would wreck havoc on my weight loss goals!

I set a goal of losing 5 pounds the first week.

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I have a lot of weight to lose so this is not considered extreme and it’s completely doable. I worked out five days last week and came out just one-pound shy of my week’s goal. Prior to my new mindset, I would have been extremely hard on myself for missing the mark but the new Malisa is extremely proud of herself!

I made a new goal of 3 pounds for this week. It may be tough because it is supposed to rain almost everyday this week and we workout outside but it is still possible.

What measures do you take to meet your personal weight loss goals? I would love to hear your ideas in the comments below.