Welcome to Makings of Malisa

Hello! I am so glad that you decided to stop by and get to know what Makings of Malisa is all about! I hope that you find the time to engage and that we can learn from each other.

Now, let’s get the pronunciation of my name correct…

My name is Ma-Lisa.

I have no clue why my parents had to be so difficult but for some reason my name gives most people the hardest time. People call me Melissa (I hate this by the way), MY-Lisa (oddly, I kind of like this one), Mar-Lisa (I am still searching for the “r”. Let me know when you find it) and the list goes on!

When I meet someone who pronounces my first name correctly from reading it, I instantly love them for life!


I am a writer to my core. I pick up writing and put it down often but like that old boyfriend who didn’t treat you right the first time, writing just keeps coming back to my heart. Writing (and dancing) is my ‘Happy Place’. It gives me a fuzzy little feeling that is probably the equivalent of wearing a Snuggy while drinking a cappuccino, walking on the beach with your significant other, or a kid waiting on Santa. I hope you get my point.

Writing is Life. Writing is Peace. Writing is Joy!

I plan to use this blog to talk about life, goals and everything in between.

About me – I am…
A Disciple of Christ
Far from Perfect
In Love with People
Not too Fond of Animals
Currently Single
Super Dope
Goal Oriented
Kinda Sappy
Mostly Happy

So this is enough about me for now. If you want to know more than please subscribe! I can confidently say that our quality of life will increase with each post. I hope that you take the time to engage and we can all learn from each other.

Don’t be shy… tell me a little bit about yourself in the comments below!